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The Indian Radiological Association took its birth in 1931 in Calcutta with late Dr. Ajit Mohan Bose as founder President and Dr. Subodh Mitra as founder Secretary. The first meeting was held on 21st April, 1931 in Calcutta and Capt. M. Mukherjee, Dr. K. B. Ghosh and Dr. Moitra attended the meeting.

In April 1932, the Eighth session of Indian Medical Association was held and the Indian Radiological Association met as the Radiological section of I. M. A. under the chairmanship of Dr. M. D. Joshi and during his speech, Dr.Joshi stressed the need for sound radiological education in India. In 1934, once again the radiologists met at a sectional meeting of the Conference of IMA, held at Bombay with Dr. K. P. Modi in the Chair.

In March 1937, the Indian Radiological Association was registered under Act XXI of 1860, with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, Bengal Registration No. 6644 (1936-37) with a total membership strength of 24. During the war years, the activities of the association declined and came almost to standstill, but in 1940, there were sincere attempts to revive the Association and to hold the First Indian Congress of Radiology at Calcutta. Somehow, this attempt was not a success; yet, due to the vigorous and ceaseless efforts of Dr. P. Rama Rao, Dr. Santhana Krishnan Pillai and Dr. K. M. Rai of Madras, the activities were once again resumed and it was indeed the rebirth (re-incarnation) of the Association.

The first Annual Congress of Radiology was held in 1946 at Madras under the Presidentship of Dr. M. D. Joshi and Secretary Dr. P. Rama Rao. At that time there were 130 members of the association. Gradually, there was extension of the Association to other states and a wide network of state branches and chapters was formed. As the country gained independence in 1947, there was a spurt in the scientific activities in all fields and radiology was not to lag behind. Post Graduate, Under Graduate and Diplomas were started gradually in all the medical colleges in the country.