Guideline for Poster Presentation

As per newly joined PGs request, Paper and poster abstract submission last date extended upto Nov 15...
General Guidelines for Poster Presentation
  • Registration of the first author to the conference is mandatory – must quote your registration number.
  • Life / Provisional Membership of IRIA is mandatory.
  • A maximum of 4 abstracts ( 2 paper + 2 e-poster ) per author will be accepted for submission.
  • An abstract which has been previously published / presented cannot be submitted.
  • Abstract must be in English having word of 250 only.
  • Name of the presenting author to be followed by names of co–authors, maximum of 5 co-authors and lastly name of Institution.
  • Please ensure that your abstract is properly structured with correct spellings and grammar.
  • Submissions that are not in the prescribed format will not be entertained.
  • DO NOT submit the same abstract for Electronic poster and the Scientific oral paper presentation, as this will cause duplicate submissions.
  • Ensure that all the changes and correction and proof reading have been carried out before submission
  • No changes in the abstract contents and the authorship will be allowed after the final submission.
  • If you wish to withdraw your abstract after final date, you must inform the poster committee by email
  • All selected presenters will get participation certificate; Prizes will be awarded for toppers in each category.
  • Abstract submission by email or online submission only.
  • All abstracts will be reviewed by the members of the scientific committee and educational committee and will be judged on scientific value , potential clinical value, originality of the work and impact factor. The decision of the acceptance / rejection of abstract by the scientific committee is final. No review or revision or influences are entertained.
  • Authors of Accepted posters ONLY will be required to send the power point presentation on the
  • E-mail should be sent under the subject of the e-mail ‘’ slides for poster presentation’’.
  • All presentation should be prepared on Microsoft 2007 PowerPoint or later version ( MAX 10 slides )
  • Each presentation will be for 3 minutes.
  • All ppt should have dark or black background with clear fonts and high quality images.
  • There should not be conflict of interest. Sending the slides to this, means consent is given for uploading the material for learning purposes at TNPYIRIA website.
  • Prizes and Certificates are allotted for each category / speciality of Radiology. The E-posters will be auto played in loops on viewing station at the conference venue.
E-Poster Presentation – Abstract Types

The following submission types are available .please see the respective sections below for further details:

  • Consultant / PG Student
  • Hard copy poster / E-Poster
  • Scientific Presentation / Educational exhibit presentation / Applied science presentation

Subject of the abstract should contain name, registration number, title and category name.
Example Dr ABC, TNPY102, study of paranasal sinuses, Cat-head and neck

  • Neuroradiology
  • Head and neck imaging
  • Chest and cardiac imaging
  • Gastro-Intestinal imaging including HBS
  • Genito-urinary imaging
  • Musculo-skeletal imaging
  • Fetal imaging
  • Breast imaging
  • Interventional radiology
  • Innovation, New thoughts, Practical topics, Technology related and Miscellaneous
  • Peadiatricimaging

The body of the abstract should be structured as follows:

  • Aims and objectives
  • Methods and Materials
  • Results
  • Conclusion
Scientific Exhibits

Scientific presentations are completed hypothesis-driven research with a comprehensive report; a work-in-progress report of ongoing research of emerging ideas and techniques and containing initial yet defined results; or a brief pertinent report of a particular new aspect or understanding of clinical radiology.

Educational Exhibits

Education exhibits should be designed to teach or review radiologic signs, pathologic correlations, procedures, techniques, treatments, and interventions or other aspects related to the practice of imaging

Applied Science Presentation

Applied science presentations are limited to informatics and physics topics which discuss or demonstrate practical applications designed to improve the clinical practice of radiology or the management of healthcare data. All applied science presentations require an in-person presentation.


Posters should generally follow the rules for presenting written scientific / technical information:

  • Provide an introduction ( motivation / problem / background )
  • State the research objectives
  • Describe technical approach
  • Present results
  • Offer a discussion
  • End with a conclusion
  • Provide references as appropriate

Use full sentences and bulleted items, as appropriate.

Integrate textual and visual elements: they should tell a continuous story, with the visual elements supporting the textual and the textual describing the visual. Do not use abbreviations. Isolated single cases will be given less priority, unless they are extremely rare or of exceptional teaching value. The date and time of presentation will be emailed in advance.

All presenters should be registered for the conference. Without registration, the papers or posters will not be accepted. Deadline for abstract submission is October 31st, 2022

Guidelines for E-Poster Presentation
  • They can be scientific or educational exhibits or applied science presentation.
  • Statistical analysis not required.
  • E-posters will be in the form of Power Point presentation with a limit of 10 slides (including the title and references).
  • File size should not exceed 20MB. Name of the presenting author alone should be mentioned in the presentation
  • No college name /Co-author name should be mentioned in the power point for the purpose of neutral evaluation if mentioned those presentations will be disqualified(for competitive poster, all posters are considered as competitive posters
  • Patient confidentiality should be protected. No names, hospital numbers or any other identifying information can appear in the presentation.
  • On acceptance of abstract for e-poster, authors will be required to upload the Power Point presentation on the website - or email to
  • The eposters will be autoplayed in loops at the conference venue.

Consultants / Post graduates are welcome to display hard copy posters

  • The size of the poster is 120 cm (height) and 90 cm(width). It will be mounted in the appropriate area at appropriate sections.
Important Deadlines
  • Starting date for submission of abstracts (E-poster and oral paper presentation)- June 14th , 2022.
  • Last date for submission of abstract (E-Poster and scientific oral paper presentation) - November 15th 2022.
  • We will intimate you about the acceptance of abstracts for E-poster and scientific paper presentation after November 30th
  • Last date for uploading of completed E-Poster - December 15th 2022.

Wishing you all the very best!
Scientific committee, TNPY IRIA2022

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