Stanley Medical College

Stanley Medical College(SMC) and hospital today stands as one of the earliest and pioneering centre for excellence in India in the field of Medicine. The quality and success emanating from the hundreds of Stanleans in India and abroad is a true testimony to the teaching of their alma mater. Though the original hospital is more than 200 years old, the medical college was formally established on July 2, 1938. Stanley Medical College and Hospitals is one of the olde stand well-known centres in Indiain the field o fmedical education.The seed for this institution was sownasearlyas1740 when the East India Company first created the medical department. The renowned Stanley Hospital now stands on the old site of the Monegarchoultry established in 1782. In 1799 the Madras Native Infirmary was established with Monegar Choultry and leperasylum providing medical services.

In 1830, a well known philanthropist Raja Sir Ramasamy Mudaliar endowed a hospital and dispensary in the Native Infirmary. In 1836, Madras University established M. B. & G. M .and L. M & S Medical Courses in the Native Infirmary.In 1903, a hospital assistant course was introduced with the help of the East India Company.In 1911,the first graduating class was awarded their Licensed Medical Practitioner (LMP) diplomas. In 1933, Five Year D. M. & S (Diploma in Medicine & Surgery) course was inaugurated by Lt. Colonel Sir George Fredrick Stanley a British parliamentarian. The school was named after him by the Governor of Madras Presidency on July 2, 1938.1938 the school was upgraded as medical college with admitting 72 MBBS students under Madras University. In 1941, three medical and surgical units were created. This was expanded to seven medical and surgical units in 1964. In 1938, 72 students studied, and then from 1963, 150 students were admitted each year. In 1964, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the President of India, laid the foundation stone for College Auditorium to mark Silver Jubilee Celebration.

It was in the nineteen thirties, the department of radiology and cancer did embark in a modest form at Stanley Medical School and Hospital and was headed by dr.sundaresan in 1932 and followed by Dr. Thotadarani in 1938 .The first x-ray outfit was obtained in the year 1932.It was provided by a solitary technician and a portable X-ray machine .Dr.A.N.K.Menon was the first one to become Professor in Radiology in 1959 with two assistant professors as his deputies. In 1962 Dr.Menon became the Dean of Stanley hospital andDr.ArcotGajaraj took over the deparment till 1967. In 1988 Dr. M. Panchatcharam took over as chief and his period witnessed the installation of machines, which were indented with the advent of CT whole body scanner at government Stanley hospital Madras first in tamilnadu.During the period 1995 to 2005 Prof.K.C.Saravanan headed the department in which a new Toshiba CT machine replaced the old one in the year of 2001.

The department of Radiology has been shifted to a new block 301 with two storeys during the tenure of Prof. K. Malathi. In August 2007, 1.5 Tesla MRI Siemens Magnetom scan unit started functioning in the ground floor of new block. Our new block is fully established with class rooms for residents, seminar hall and library. From 16th June 2010 USG is functioning in first floor of the new block. Mammography unit started on August 2010 in first floor of new block. Digital radiography was inaugurated in first floor on November 2010.

Prof.C.Amarnath headed the department in may 2011, a highly dynamic and dedicated radiologist, who leaves no stone unturned in his efforts to develop the department. His selfless contribution and tireless service for the innovation of the department and the college creates GOLDEN PERIOD of Stanley radiology . He is one of the most approachable and student-friendly Professors in this college who’s enthusiasm is highly infectious and encouraging. He is one of the coordinator behind the recognition of 250 MBBS seats in Stanley Medical college. DMRDrecognition was obtained in 2012, MD (Radiodiagnosis) was started in 2013 and new equipments to this department including biplane DSA.Duringhis tenure DRDT, Bsc, Msctechnology courses started.